07.04.2021 | Dosomat fills iced coffee into cups

The cup and lid of an iced coffee essentially need to be sterilised to give the product an extended shelf life. Waldner has therefore developed a very compact filling system.

Dosomat fills iced coffee into cups

This Dosomat not only provides optimum sterilization but also includes a checkweigher and packing station. Different cup formats and materials can be used on it at the touch of a button.

In detail, it is a round table machine, which is housed in a purified air cabinet (laminar flow). There is slightly overpressurised sterile air in the cabinet to guarantee a sterilised environment. Additional hygiene measures are also incorporated in this machine. 

Once securely filled and sealed, the cups leave the housing and pass over a checkweigher. The weights of each individual cup are immediately fed back to the filling plant and the target value is immediately adjusted in the event of any deviations. From the checkweigher, the cups then proceed along a conveyor belt to the packing station. A gripper arm then lifts the cups into the box. Of course, different pack formats are also possible here.

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